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CHATTY is a Czech fashion label, founded in 2005 in Prague. by designer Radka Sirková


CHATTY is currently one of the most respected and popular fashion brands in the Czech Republic. From the originally street wear concept, they developed into the position of leaders of contemporary Czech hi-end fashion.

The work of designers is characterised by premium materials, perfect craftsmanship and distinctive design that combines modern female silhouettes with sports details and elements of men's fashion.

Regular seasonal collections rely solely on fabrics produced in Europe, and are produced locally in the Czech Republic with regard to sustainability.

In 2017 the designers were awarded Design IT Award Vogue Italy and Vogue Ukraine. The same year, Forbes magazine listed Radka and Anna amongst the most influential women of the Czech Republic, along with ELLE magazine describing CHATTY as World’s Up and Coming Fashion Talent. Amongst many other fashion and design awards, CHATTY also won Designblok Editors In Chief Award in 2011.

CHATTY are a regular and not-to-miss fixture of Mercedes - Benz Prague Fashion Week. Astonishing creations of Radka and Anna mesmerized wide audiences of fashion weeks in Berlin, Kiev, Warsaw and Amsterdam, along with three notable participations in buyers showrooms during the fashion weeks in Paris.

photo: Adéla Havelková

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