Bespoke Denim

Our bespoke denim is an unparalleled luxury service providing an exclusive craftsmanship of the unique handmade jeans for community of the most demanding clients.

Handmade, designed and crafted in the heart of Prague, Czech Republic.

Our journey started in 2004 in Prague when we made our first pair of jeans.

The main drive behind our creativity had always been this irresistible passion for denim. In addition, we simply lacked a sufficient and decent supply of precisely crafted denim wear in stores. As a result, we were forced to make our own jeans in the spare time.

Since then, our passion for denim has started and the evolution of our brand began. We are not afraid to say we are addicted to searching for new styles of jeans and new and exciting types of denim, as well as different ways how to process it.This deeply rooted love for denim allows us to come up with new additions to our portfolio with every upcoming season.


The first and foremost step is to consult client’s ideas and individual needs. Then all the necessary measurements are taken thoroughly.

Based on the measurements, we create so called toile, which we use as a inexpensive mock-up. We pin it to make it fit exactly the clients desires and we draw on it the pockets, seams and all other details.

By this time, the client usually picks the denim - we provide a choice of more than twenty-five kinds of materials. Then they choose the color of stitching, zipper, buttons and other details.

We de-construct the toile and draw it’s shape onto a paper. We keep these paper “patterns”, as they represent every client’s specific cut – and can be re-used anytime.

Client’s desired Denim is cut according to the paper shapes and the pre-cut pieces of denim are precisely sewed together. We sew jeans with our own unique procedures, which are verified by our fifteen years experience.

During the first fitting we make sure all fits as desired and mark last important details such as the trousers’ length.

And finally we add some last a few our signature details.

For a “first time client” it usually takes three visits to perfect the first pair of jeans. The cuts for every client’s jeans are kept in our workshop, so that they can be reproduced anytime – without the client’s presence.


Currently we have some 30 types of denim for clients to choose from. They vary from salvage denim, slightly elastic denim or for example a denim with wax coating. All our fabrics are pre-washed and pre-shrinked. We provide a life-time warranty on all our jeans.

For questions regarding the bespoke jeans or to book appointment in our studio, please contact

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