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The Story
The Process


CHATTY bespoke denim represents an unparalleled luxury service with exclusive craftsmanship, for a community of the most demanding clients.

Handmade, designed and crafted in the heart of Prague, Czech Republic.



Our journey started in 2004 in Prague when our first pair of jeans was created.


Driven by both an irresistible passion for denim and a lack of sufficient and decent supply of precisely crafted denim wear in stores at time, we began producing our own jeans in our spare time.


​Since then, our fondness for denim has only multiplied and allowed us to evolve as a brand of denim makers.


We can say, without a flinch of hesitation, that our devotion to discover new styles of jeans, exciting types of denim and various ways to process it, has never decreased. Since this love for denim is rooted deeply by now, it always brings new horizons of creation and new additions to our portfolio with every upcoming season.



The conception of each pair of jeans always starts with profound conversation with the client about his/her expectations, ideas and wishes. Following our initial conversation, we proceed to take the client's measurement, basic or specific, if needed, and that’s what usually wraps our first rendez-vous with the client.


​Guided by the measurements and client’s wishes, we then create a so-called toile, a mock-up of the jeans from a substitutional fabric. As the toile is cut very basically, we fit it directly on the customer at our second meeting. This fitting technique serves not only as a method to create a perfect cut for the jeans afterwards, but also a tool to discuss the position of pockets, seams and any other detail. This way we are able to fulfill any specific need and wish.






The client usually selects the colour and type of denim during his/her second visit. Our studio provides a considerable amount of materials to choose from - we usually have around 25 various kinds of denim in stock. Following the choice of material, the color of stitching, zipper, buttons and other details are discussed.

When it comes to denim fabrics, we are very selective of our suppliers and the quality. We usually keep in stock selvedge denim, elastic indigo denim or rigid raw denim. In case of lack of desired fabric in our stock, samples of other types of denim are stocked in our studio and we’re able to order it within a few weeks. We put an importance to pre-wash the fabric to prevent them from shrinking afterwards and we are always ready to provide our customers with tips and tricks for the care.

The toile is then deconstructed and flattened in order to create a paper pattern. The denim fabric of choice is then pre-washed, ironed, cut and precisely sewed together. Through our 15 years experience we developed unique techniques and procedures that make our jeans recognizable and one of a kind.  

Finally, the customer comes for the finished pair of jeans. During this fitting we make sure everything fits as desired and adjust last important details such as the trousers’ length if needed.

​Once we’re sure that all the necessary adjustments were made and the jeans fit perfectly, we finish it with our signature buttons, rivets and labels.




It usually takes three visits to perfect the first pair of jeans for a first time customer.


Since the paper patterns are stocked in our studio afterward they can be reused and adjusted anytime if needed. By archiving the patterns, we can keep track of clients measurements and orders and also accelerate the process next time the customer comes to us.



Our jeans are provided with a life-time warranty.


For questions regarding bespoke jeans or to book appointment in our studio, please contact us at

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